Wikipedians in Disrepute: “Guy (JzG)”


“Guy (JzG)”

A Bully

by the Editors


Although Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, supports the scientifically-uninformed party line, Wikipedia as an entity is promoted to the public as scientifically sound. Unfortunately, it is not.

“Guy”, a self-described “skeptical” blogger with a moderate following, has “Administrator” status on Wikipedia, a step above the usual “Editor” designation common to all who edit Wikipedia.

A powerful figure, Guy has used his position openly to denigrate those who have disagreed with Wikipedia-published skeptically-biased editing of articles. Guy argues that the “skeptical point of view” is synonymous with Wikipedia’s stated “Neutral Point of View”, and therefore that any editor who does not align with it is violating one of the “five pillars” of Wikipedia by default.

Guy has acknowledged that he disapproves of Rupert Sheldrake’s work and supporters. He has edited Sheldrake’s consensus-built biography-article in favor of a strongly pejorative version that he has protected with reverts (reversions to previously-published editing versions), warnings against neutrally-inclined editors, and the blocking of unbiased editors.

In the “discussion” section of the Sheldrake page, Guy has insisted that he has edited the page simply as an editor and not as an Admin, yet as an Admin he has banned several editors who have disagreed with him. He warned an editor who was attempting to include academic-source citations supporting Sheldrake’s credentials to stop. Guy has threatened editors who have not obeyed his bullying with the information that he was an Admin and that the editors should back down if they knew what was good for them.

Wikipedia describes editing behavior such as Guy’s as a conflict of interest and an abuse of “Admin” status.

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