Wikipedians in Disrepute: “Barney the Barney Barney”


“Barney the Barney Barney”

Skepticism or Vendetta?

by the Editors


“Barney the Barney Barney” is a member of a Wikipedia “skeptic” community self-named the Fringe Noticeboard.

Barney wrote the defamatory Wikipedia essay “Why it isn’t cool to describe Rupert Sheldrake as a biologist”; a false assertion as Sheldrake’s Cambridge Ph.D. is in biochemistry; Sheldrake has published peer-reviewed scientific research and review articles on the subject in respected international journals.

Statements that knowingly twist facts and distort history are common to the conservative-reactionary mindset as sported by pseudoskeptics. They engage in lying, in other words, to justify their opinions, which they promote to “protect” their causes, activities, and other ends. Truth does not need falsehood to protect it.

Barney was highly involved in Rupert Sheldrake’s Wikipedia article (along with Wikipedia editor Vzaak/Manul), restoring the article to his own biased, pseudoskeptically-slanted writing whenever factually correct changes were made to the article by scientifically-modern, philosophically-neutral, professionally-inclined editors.

Barney currently has been banned indefinitely from Wikipedia for making personal attacks against other Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia articles and biographies Barney has edited against neutrality toward a pseudoskeptical bias:

Scepticism is Mainstream on Wikipedia (essay)
Parapsychological Association Outstanding Career Award
Astrology in the Bible
Richard C. Hoagland
Deepak Chopra
Brian Josephson
Michael Behe
Marilyn Schlitz
Richard Dawkins
Rupert Sheldrake

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