About Us

Skeptical About Skeptics is dedicated to countering dogmatic, ill-informed attacks leveled by dogmatic skeptics on pioneering scientists and their research. Healthy skepticism is an important part of science, as in all walks of life, but some skeptics use it as a weapon to defend their dearly held ideology. Naturally, this inhibits free inquiry as certain ideas and lines of research are denigrated and the careers of scientists who pursue them anyway are threatened. They believe in a purely material world, a clock-work universe filled with machine-like creatures. They believe living minds are nothing more than brain chemistry, that consciousness is an illusion and automatically dismiss any evidence to the contrary.

Members of militant skeptical organizations often think of themselves as defending science and reason against superstition. These are worthy aims, but we at Skeptical About Skeptics think that science and reason are best served by considering the evidence for unexplained phenomena scientifically, rather than assuming a priori that they do not exist. We value science and skepticism, but not scientific fundamentalism. Our purpose is to shine a light on these self-appointed gatekeepers and counter their dogmatic arguments whenever they arise.

We Counter Skeptics by:

  • Investigating pseudoskeptics in popular media.
  • Exploring the pseudoskeptical mindset, motivation, and method.
  • Looking at ways in which scientific objectivity is compromised by vested interests, fraud, experimenter effects, and merchants of doubt who use skepticism as a weapon to further corporate interests.

This website is the successor to “Skeptical Investigations” at skepticalinvestigations.org which ran from 2004 to 2014.