Sebastian Penraeth

Chris French Reverses Stance, Selflessly Declares Parapsychology Actual Science

by Sebastian Penraeth In a surprising turn of events, Professor Chris French, a prominent figure within the skeptical community—and longtime slinger of the pseudoscience card—publicly revised his stance on parapsychology, declaring it a legitimate science. This marks a significant departure from the traditionally dismissive view held by most skeptics. Originally explored in a chapter of...

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Call for Grant Applications from Researchers in Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing

For researchers interested in exploring the science of subtle energy and biofield healing, the Biofield Research Fellowship Program is now seeking applications for a new grant/fellowship opportunity, which will provide six annual grants of up to $20,000 USD each, plus mentorship and community for emerging researchers across multiple disciplines. Backed by a collaborative group of...

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“A form of scientific fundamentalism”

In order to deal with cognitive dissonance, I argue that some skeptics use the same basic methods as religious fundamentalists [...who] often perform irrational cognitive contortions to dismiss evidence against their beliefs, such as when creationists try to explain the existence of fossils by saying that "God put them there to test our faith" (or...

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