Alex Tsakiris

Alex is a successful entrepreneur turned science podcaster. In 2007 he founded Skeptiko, which has become the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness.

A Path of Personal Discovery

by Alex Tsakiris “I started this journey expecting genuine debate, a battle of ideas, a war over the evidence, but that’s not what I found. I found a lot of frustrated researchers who were facing a well-organized, aggressive skeptical community…” Science philanthropist Alex Tsakiris looked back at over thirty episodes of [his podcast] Skeptiko to...

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Why Science Is Wrong… About Almost Everything

By Alex Tsakiris, Anomalist Books, 2014. Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake I have known him since he first started his Skeptiko podcast and he has interviewed me several times for it. What struck me right from the outset was that he wanted to hear both sides of every argument. For example he wanted to hear what...

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