Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Guy Lyon Playfair: “Complementary Healing Works”

  Patients Healed through Alternative Medicine by Guy Lyon Playfair   Reaction from the GPs was revealing. Three were generous enough to admit that there might be something in this alternative stuff after all and yes, they would consider using it again.   “The most disastrous result of belief in the paranormal.” That is how...

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Richard Hardwick: “Pseudoscience, Alternative Medicine, and the Media”

  12th European Skeptics Congress Brussels, October 13-16, 2005 by Dr. Richard Hardwick   The 12th European Skeptical Congress was billed as “an exceptional occasion, right in the middle of the capital of Europe, to share experiences and build a platform of rationality. Skeptics, scientists and journalists from all over Europe will gather to explore...

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Beata Bishop: “To CAM or Not to CAM?”

  Review of:   Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh W. W. Norton & Company, 2009. by Beata Bishop     Not for the first time, Professor Ernst has launched a full frontal attack on alternative medicine which, he claims, includes complementary therapies as well. The most...

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