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New “Skeptical About Skeptics” Book

Skeptical About Skeptics: A Selection of Essays from the Website is a new book offerering commentary from renowned research scientists including Nobel laureate Brian Josephson and IANS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, among others, as well as notable science writers, philosophers and educators.

Contributors include:

Ralph Abraham
Stephen E. Braude
Etzel Cardeña
Ted Dace
Larry Dossey
Daniel Drasin
Neal Grossman
Janice M. Holden
Brian D. Josephson
Stanley Krippner
Graham Nicholls
Guy Lyon Playfair
Dean I. Radin
Gary E. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz
Rupert Sheldrake
Charles T. Tart
Alex Tsakiris
Nancy L. Zingrone
The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences.

A special thank you to Robert McLuhan for his insightful and compelling Introduction.

This anthology is dedicated to all of the contributors to scientific paradigm change – from scientifically out-of-date seventeenth century mechanistic materialism to the fully mental idealism pointed to in twentieth century quantum physics and mind science – to all of the authors represented on the groundbreaking website Skeptical About Skeptics, and to all scientifically-enlightened supporters.

Cathi Carol